Aaron Kimber, Author at Football For Kids

Aaron Kimber


As a parent, it is important to get our children reading books from an early age to help with their literacy and reading skills. Although this can always be difficult when you can’t get them away from playing football in the garden or with friends. With the advancement in technology, you find your children on iPad’s, iPhones, tablets and consoles all the time.

It is always good to have a football goal in your garden if you are an eager football player looking to improve on a daily basis. In this case, there are different goals available for different age groups. There are also accessories that you can add to your goal to improve more technical areas of your performance such as accuracy. This could include different shot techniques such as free kicks, penalties and simple dead balls from open play

Below we have listed our top 5 children’s football goals for home:

In this article, we go through is heading the ball in football bad for your child and why. It is important as parents to understand what the reasons behind this are so that we can better educate ourselves and keep the children safe.

Ryan Mason is a big advocate in achieving this ban so that children are not allowed to head the ball at a young age. This is because back in 2018 he was forced to retire due to a fractured skull. Although this did not come from heading the ball it raised suspicion that any head injury could be a serious injury. Regardless if it comes from heading the ball or during a challenge for the ball.

Like most kids, they all want football boots that are the newest out or ones that their favourite footballer wears. This means that the majority of the time they may have their mindset on a new pair of boots without actually thinking about what is in the market. With Summer just around the corner, it means your child will be able to get out more to play the sport they love with friends.