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About Us

Football For Kids was established in May 2021 to help provide the children of future generations the knowledge of the current footballing world and also guides on how to improve their footballing ability.

As children, we all grew up wanting to be professional footballers but there was always a lack of information and technology when we were younger. So it was always about setting up goalposts with our jumpers and whoever brought the ball made up the rules. As great as this once was, with the availability of today’s markets to get goals and the ever-growing facilities for football. This is a distant memory for most.

Our main focus will be the coverage of the Premier League and this is because it is the most followed league around the globe which almost came to a halt – thanks to the European Super League. Luckily, we got to understand how important the game is with the fans which have been a huge miss this season.

However, another one of our goals is to provide children with insightful knowledge about the latest products in football and how these products can help improve their overall performance. Our age range is around 3-16 years old.

We want to be a one-stop place for all of your information so you can save time, relax, play and watch more football.