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So far, as an Arsenal fan, you are probably wondering how they are going about replacing Aubameyang and there is no surprise really as Arsenal continue to struggle in front of goal without their star man up top.

Now, where did it all go wrong for him, Arsenal and Arteta? Well, in my opinion, this all started to go slightly array once a new deal was signed that put him on the megabucks. However, this could all be a coincidence with timing as it could just be a result of him having a dip in form. Although, his numbers in front of goal have not quite been the same since signing that contract and some have even compared it to Mesut Ozil.

To top it all off, his recent fall out with Arteta appears to be over arriving back to training late after seeing his mother who is currently ill within his home country of Gabon. Now you may be thinking that this is considered slightly unfair, and to be honest, it more than likely is. However, nothing else has been reported and all appears to be behind closed doors so there might be more to the store that meets the eye.

Especially now that he was forced to give up his captaincy and is looking more likely that he will leave this January. Although the time is running out for Gabon International who only has a few days left to work on a transfer out of the club.

Judging from all recent sources it appears that the relationship between Arteta and Aubameyang sets to be all over with no look of rekindling the strong bond that they once had. The likes of Barcelona are one of the favourites to take on the Arsenal striker but only on a loan basis with an option to buy and is also attracting the interest of a few Serie A clubs. I guess we will find out by the end of January what happens to the once ‘main man up top’.

Who Can Replace Aubameyang Up Top?

Arsenal has been on the lookout for a new striker during the January transfer window and there is no surprise really. However, it appears that the responsibility of scoring goals has come down to relying on the youth and Lacazette. So far, the youth have prospered into hot property since the start of the season with the likes of Smith-Rowe, Bakayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli. Martinelli seems to be bringing an exciting attacking option for the Gunners recently and looks dangerous going forward. Therefore, I wonder if there will be plans to put Martinelli up top in the number 9 position ahead of Lacazette. However, there is no denying the work rate that Laca puts in with his defensive and attacking displays.

The latest rumour appears to be on Alexander Isak who currently plays for Sociedad and is a Sweden national. Although, with Isak being spotted in London towards the end of January, it could change from a rumour to an announcement very soon.


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