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Football is loved all around the world and one of the reasons for this is the ability to play it anywhere. With kids playing on the streets, on a field, on concrete courts, astroturf and much more. This is what makes football so versatile and available to everyone that wants to play. However, it is important to get the right footwear for the right playing surface and so we have created a guide for you to get the perfect option.

In most cases, when you shop for football boots most of them will have two letters next to them to suggest what surface they are for. For example, you may see FG, SG, AG and many more. These are just abbreviations of what they stand for which is all listed below to get a better understanding.


Soft Ground (SG) Football Boots

Soft ground football boots are typically one the most common boots around as they are used for grass pitches when the ground is nice and soft. Back in the day, you would see many people having to screw in their studs with a personalised wrench that came with the football boots. These are also considered soft ground as they are designed to be played on grass pitches.

Therefore, if you are at club level playing on grass pitches then these boots are most likely to be the ones you choose.


Firm Ground (FG) Football Boots

Firm ground boots are arguably the most popular choice for football boots around as they are designed for somewhere between hard and wet grass. Playing in the UK you can always be certain that the ground is going to be somewhere between this across the whole year.

Firm ground football boots also tend to be a bit more comfortable on the feet than studs in my personal opinion. I have tried out many football boots in my time and there is a reason that these are the most popular boots to wear.

If you are not a fan of buying too many football boots then firm ground can also be played on artificial grass which is a huge bonus. Although AG boots are better designed for this, it allows you to get away with buying too many football boots.


Artificial Ground (AG) Football Boots

Artificial ground boots are specifically designed for either astroturf, 3G and 4G pitches. These are better suited for the artificial grass as the majority of facilities like players wear rounded studs. This helps to maintain a greater condition of the pitch as they are specifically designed for that terrain.

AG football boots also have smaller studs which are more suited than firm ground boots. Although you see a lot of players wearing firm ground on artificial turf it is less likely to twist your ankle if you wear artificial ground boots. This is because most firm ground boots are actually too long for these surfaces.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is receive an injury from something that could have easily been prevented. In most cases, it may be a minor injury but still not worth the risk as it could end up being more serious than that. If you play matches on grass but train on the artificial ground then it is best to purchase both FG and AG boots.


Hard Ground (HG) Football Boots

Hard ground football boots are pretty much the same thing as AG boots but they are sometimes referred to as hard ground. You will now see a lot of players in pre-season starting to wear HG or AG boots due to the smaller stud sizes. Especially with the summers, we have had in the past few years in the UK with a heatwave.

Therefore, when the ground is solid it is better to play with smaller studs to prevent your ankle from twisting. They also have more studs on the boots to help distribute your weight evenly, making them feel similar to a trainer almost. Along with that, they will provide better comfort during your pre-season training and matches.


Turf (TF) Football Boots

With the increase of players in the urban area playing in concrete cages, it is making turf football boots more popular. They are also the best choice for those playing on Astro pitches as they have the smallest studs which are usually rubber.

Due to the popularity of people starting to wear turf football boots, all the top brands are spending more time on innovating the current technology. Helping provide greater comfort, better performances and more grip on the pitch.


Indoor (IN) Football Shoes

Indoor football shoes do exactly what they say on the tin, they are designed for indoor surfaces such as sports halls. They are designed to have grippier and flatter soles so you can have a faster-paced indoor game of futsal.

You will see all futsal players wearing indoor football shoes or sometimes they are referred to as indoor court shoes. Many of the big brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma all have their own indoor football shoes available.

For children, these would also be great for their PE lessons due to the amount of grip that is provided on the shoes. Helping them get the upper hand on their classmates and showing off their pace in the lesson.


Top Tips To Finding The Perfect Boots For You

Now that you have an idea of what football boots are suitable for each surface it is now time to find the perfect boot for you. Only you can know which football boots are best for you and it is important to find that one boot.

This will help you take your game to the next level, so we will give you a list of small steps to follow:

Step One – Find A Football/ Sports Store

What I mean by this is you want to find a shop that has a lot of variety so you can try on all the brands to find out which colour and design you like best. In a smaller store if they have what you are looking for then that is great but you want to have the option to choose from a greater selection.

Step Two – Do Some Research

Before going to the shop you will want to do some research on what benefits come with each individual football boot. This will help you get a better idea of what football boots to look for when you go into the shop. You always want to have a rough idea of which football boot you are looking for whether it be a particular brand or exact football boot.

Even if you are just wanting a pair of football boots to resemble your icon, do some research to make sure you can copy their football boots. Who knows, you may be the next Mo Salah after playing with them.

Step Three – Try The Boots On

This is an important step as it gives you a good idea of the fitting as some football boots are slimmer or wider than others. Therefore, you always want to find the ones that provide the greatest comfort. Also, remember you will be wearing football socks if they are for match days so it is important to wear thicker socks on the day to get a better idea.


That is all the essential steps you need to follow and now you have found the perfect football boots for you. It is time to get out on the pitch and try them out whilst showing off to your football team. You will look like a brand new player!


Hi, I am Oliver, I am a Chelsea fan at heart and always grew up on football and rugby. However, I definitely sway more to the football now as it continues to grow on me and I am proud to say I tune in to every Chelsea game. I always loved playing football with friends and would always be the goalkeeper. Especially on the rainy days when you go flying through the mud.

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