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If you are a parent that wants to continuously get your children to read then sometimes the only way to do this is to give them something that they are genuinely interested in. Therefore, we have put together some of the best books about football for children to read, so they can educate themselves whilst having fun.

It is important to get them into reading early so that they can continue this as a hobby, I say this now as an adult but admittedly I was never quite the big reader back then. However, maybe that is because my parents never got me exciting books to read. I will say this though, the Match Annual has been around for many years and that was definitely one of my favourites growing up, it would be the book we begged for every year.

With all the books listed below, some are more educational than the others and some are more about learning physical skills in football. Admittedly, these books about football for children will most likely be the popular choice as football fanatic kids are crazy about learning new tricks in football and finding ways to improve so they can beat their friends.


The Story Of The World Cup by Richard Brassey

Now, this is a story that everyone has heard of or needs to be aware of. This is considered a classic football book for children as it includes real fun facts. Facts that children can use to impress all of their friends and family and expand their knowledge of football history at the same time. Not only that, but the World Cup is the biggest tournament in football and will remain this way forever. With over 200 countries taking part in the tournament it is supported and recognised by the world.

It is truly something that everyone can get behind and enjoy, supporting your country is a special feeling as it unites the country as one. It has also become more popular since England’s last visit to the World Cup where we got to the Semi-Finals. This was the biggest moment in football for a very long time.

The story is about three stolen trophies with a dog named Pickles who becomes the hero of the story. We don’t want to give too much away so we will let you read the story to find out what happens next. It is illustrated by Richard Brassey who adds his clear style of writing to make it a perfect book for children.

If you are a parent then be prepared to hear endless stories about footballing facts, the greatest football players in history and cup history for countries. It is known for children to visit the internet to improve their football knowledge after reading this. You may also need to accompany them when it comes to watching football.

Match Annual 2022

Now, the Match annual is the perfect book for every young, passionate football fan. It provides the ultimate guide for what is going on in the year and goes into depth about each football team. Not only that but it includes fun activities to complete to make it fun and educational for the kids.

If your child wants to stay up-to-date with the latest footballing news then this is definitely the way to go. It includes exclusive interviews with their favourite players such as Messi, Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Salah, Paul Pogba and more. They have also incorporated women’s football into the Match annual to make it appealing to all genders that are passionate about football.

With the upcoming World Cup, there is no better way to get excited for it than to get this book. It contains a guide of the teams involved with some really cool stats about the teams. It is also the best selling football annual in the UK and has been for many years, even since I was a child. The reading age for this book is for 9-11-year-olds.

50 Football Skills by Usborne

This book is self-explanatory in the way that it is exactly what it says in the book. This is a practical manual guide on different tips, techniques and skills and how to master them. It also includes the basics of all positions like attacking and defending. As a young child that hasn’t played using the offside rule, this book will help them massively. It provides a simple guide on how the offside rule works so when they get to 11 they can understand it better.

The best thing about this book is not only that it can help improve your child’s football skills. But they can also take this to show friends due to it being pocket-sized. Therefore, they can even take it down to the playing field to practise these techniques.

This book is not so much great for reading but it definitely helps your child to better understand the game they love. It is also a book that will keep your child interested for ages so it might help to get them away from the TV or iPad for a few hours a day. Every parent wants their child to have a great childhood which involves getting out of the house and seeing friends. What better way to do this than get them a book that encourages them to go outside and learn new skills. Therefore, this is up there with one of the most exciting books about football for children.

The Frankie’s Magic Football Top of The League Series

Now, these series of books are a fan favourite amongst the younger children as these are written by the one and only Frank Lampard himself. Being one of the best Chelsea midfielders and arguably one of the best English midfielders of all time, he knows a thing or two about making football exciting.

What makes this even more exciting is that there are 20 books within this collection, which means they are spoilt for choice and most importantly, keep them occupied for days on end. These books bring fictional characters into the picture which gets children to use their imagination as Frankie and his team must compete against the likes of cowboys, knights, aliens and pirates.

All books from this collection are paperback and all fit nicely into the collection box so your children can keep them stored away making them easier to find. It also means that it is out of your way and you won’t find books lying around everywhere so it is a win-win for everyone. This is why it makes it into our top books about football for children due to the excitement and educational factors that this book provides.


Hi, I am Oliver, I am a Chelsea fan at heart and always grew up on football and rugby. However, I definitely sway more to the football now as it continues to grow on me and I am proud to say I tune in to every Chelsea game. I always loved playing football with friends and would always be the goalkeeper. Especially on the rainy days when you go flying through the mud.

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