Spurs Football Kit Junior 2021-22 | Football For Kids

Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide and with the Premier League being widely considered the most exciting league in the sport. There is no wonder why all kids want to represent their team by wearing their favourite club’s kit whilst out playing football with friends. Therefore, if your child is a Tottenham fan then this one is for them as we provide this year’s exciting Spurs football kit junior.

Whether you’re looking at buying a Spurs (Tottenham’s nickname) kit for your child as a gift or in general. This will not disappoint and you can guarantee that they will want to wear this all day long, every day of the week. Fortunately, there are many different Spurs football kit junior to choose from including their away kit, training kit, home kit or Tottenham branded clothing.


Nike Tottenham 2021-2022 Home Kit

This is their home kit which is worn on all home games and so what better way for your child to show their support for their club by wearing the full attire from socks to shirt. Not only that, is children get away with wearing the full kit as they look adorable but this doesn’t quite translate to adults. The best thing about it will be seeing their face when they watch Spurs play whilst wearing the Spurs football kit junior.

Some important information, it is recommended that the kit is not washed above 30 degrees and you will be washing this a hell of a lot due to them wanting to wear it 24/7. You wouldn’t want to ruin their kit in the wash otherwise you will never hear the end of it.

NIKE Tottenham 2021-2022 Little Boys Home Mini Kit
  • Size : SB 4/5yrs (104-110cm)
  • Brand New With Tags
  • Not Recommended to Wash Above 30 Degrees
  • Suitable for Kids - Available in Multiple Sizes

Nike Tottenham 2021-2022 Away Kit

The away kit is worn by the players for when they are considered the travelling team which basically translates to them playing at the opposing team’s stadium rather than Tottenham Court Road.

Made from the classic lightweight Nike breathable fabrics and also with their dri-fit technology which is highly advanced as it helps keep your child dry and comfortable. This is great for when they are out playing with friends in the park or at their local club training sessions.

Nike Tottenham 2021-2022 3rd Kit

The third kit is arguably the most colourful out of the lot so great for being able to spot your children from the crowd. It also makes it more exciting for them to show it off to their friends and family members. The third kit is normally used within competitions & tournaments.

This Spurs football kit junior shirt comes in multiple sizes suitable for multiple ages so you can find the perfect size for your child.

Nike Tottenham Training 2021-22 Tracksuit

If your child is looking for something a little warmer whilst also supporting their favourite club then this tracksuit is perfect for them. It can also be mixed & matched with the official kits, so your child can play football with their friends or local club whilst supporting Spurs.

Most commonly it is used for training purposes so on the colder days they want to wear the tracksuit bottoms and jacket out. Made from the advanced Nike Dri-Fit technology which helps keep them dry on the wetter days.

Nike - TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 2021/22 Season Game-Kit Other Training, S, Unisex
  • Size : SB 25-27" Chest (66/69cm)
  • Brand New With Tags
  • Not Recommended to Wash Above 30 Degrees
  • Suitable for Kids - Available in Multiple Sizes

My name is Aaron, being the youngest sibling I grew up supporting Liverpool from a young age as it was embedded into me by my family. But at least it prevents the rivalry in the household. When we were younger the advance in technology wasn't quite there yet so we would go out after school every day to play football with friends. Using our clothes, bikes or anything we could get our hands on and using them as goalposts. There was truly nothing that could prevent us from playing. However, whoever brought the ball got to make the rules which sometimes caused a few arguments.

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