Health Related Fitness In Football | Football For Kids



As soon as your children are put into fun football exercises they will tend to excel in their performance because it brings an element of competition. Nothing is more exciting to them than a little competition against friends as they will always want to perform better than their friends. This is why you see so many youth teams putting an element of fun football exercises for kids as it is improving their football ability and increasing the enjoyment within the session.

In this article, we go through is heading the ball in football bad for your child and why. It is important as parents to understand what the reasons behind this are so that we can better educate ourselves and keep the children safe.

Ryan Mason is a big advocate in achieving this ban so that children are not allowed to head the ball at a young age. This is because back in 2018 he was forced to retire due to a fractured skull. Although this did not come from heading the ball it raised suspicion that any head injury could be a serious injury. Regardless if it comes from heading the ball or during a challenge for the ball.