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The sands of world football are shifting, and at the epicentre stands a nation cloaked in emerald and gold – Saudi Arabia. In recent years, the Kingdom has injected itself into the global game with the force of a desert wind, its ambitions as vast and boundless as the dunes themselves. But as Saudi Arabia’s golden boot prints etch deeper into the pitch, questions and concerns dance alongside the cheers. Is this a meteoric rise fueled by passion, or a calculated power play fueled by petrodollars?

From Humble Beginnings to Global Spotlight

Saudi Arabia’s footballing roots run deep, nurtured in dusty backyards and rudimentary pitches. The national team, the Green Falcons, soared to continental glory in 1984, lifting the Asian Cup. However, international success remained elusive, and the domestic league, while passionate, lacked the glamour and global reach of European powerhouses.

Then came Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s ambitious blueprint for diversification and modernization. Football became a cornerstone, a tool for economic growth, cultural transformation, and soft power projection. The Public Investment Fund (PIF), the sovereign wealth fund, flexed its financial muscle, acquiring majority stakes in the country’s four biggest clubs.

The Ronaldo Effect and a Star-Studded Pitch

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2023 was a seismic event. The world’s most recognizable footballer, lured by a record-breaking contract, instantly thrust Saudi Arabia onto the global stage. His mere presence attracted a constellation of other stars – N’Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Jordan Henderson – adding glitter and gravitas to the previously regional league.


Impact and Repercussions

The effects of Saudi Arabia’s rise are undeniable. The domestic league has witnessed a surge in attendance, viewership, and sponsorship deals. Infrastructure is being revamped, academies blooming, and local players benefiting from the expertise of global stars. The national team, too, has shown signs of improvement, recently upsetting Argentina in a historic World Cup group stage match.

But amidst the glitter, shadows lurk. Critics point to concerns about “sportswashing,” using football to deflect attention from human rights issues. The astronomical spending raises questions about financial sustainability and competitive balance. Some fear the traditional soul of the game is being sacrificed at the altar of petrodollars, with local talent development overshadowed by imported superstars.

The Uncertain Game

Saudi Arabia’s footballing future remains an open book. Will the Kingdom’s golden touch translate into sustained success on the pitch, or will the bubble eventually burst? Can it strike a balance between ambition and authenticity, fostering local talent while embracing global stars?

One thing is certain: Saudi Arabia’s rise has irreversibly altered the landscape of world football. Whether it paves the way for a golden age or crumbles into a gilded mirage, the Green Falcons have well and truly taken flight, leaving the world watching with a mix of awe and apprehension.

This is just the beginning of the story. As the game unfolds, one thing is certain: Saudi Arabia’s impact on world football will be anything but predictable. The sands have shifted, and the beautiful game will never be the same.


The Departure Of Jordan Henderson

In January 2024, Jordan Henderson became unsettled, citing poor training facilities and lack of Western home comforts. He also wants to play for England at the upcoming Euros in Germany in the Summer. Perhaps admirable aims, but for the optics of Saudi Arabia and their project it is a massive blow. 


Jordan was seen as someone with credibility and gravitas and his loss could be fatal. I think this window and the next summer is key. If players are still willing to head over there and Saudi Arabia are willing to bankroll it to the tune they have currently then they will be a threat. Watch this space, you can guarantee we will at Football for Kids!

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