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A kids football base layer is essential as it helps keep them warmer during the cold and wet football matches on Sunday. As a parent, holding the umbrella, you understand how cold it gets and that is wearing coats and gloves. Just imagine your child, playing football and I know you are probably thinking “well they are running around”. But just think, they don’t start off running and with 11-a-side football, you may find at times that they are not always running.

Also, it is common for Sunday league sides to have substitutes just waiting on the sidelines waiting for their time to show off their skills or in some cases, just waiting to take part. After all, it is the taking part that counts and as long as your child is having fun that is all that matters. Everyone will always associate a kid’s football base layer just be the tight compression top that goes underneath their playing jersey. However, there are also the compression tights and there is always a stigma around players wearing these. But, they are definitely becoming more common on both the training ground and football pitch.

You will want to ensure that your child is wearing compression tops that are not only comfortable to wear but also keep you warm. The majority of them are made from breathable materials to ensure comfort and obviously, to reduce the sweat from soaking the base layer. We have put together our top picks for what we believe are the best kids football base layers of 2022.

#1 Nike Base Layer

This one just has to be number one, not just because Nike is the world’s leading sportswear brand but because the quality is incredible. Better yet, your child can select from a wide variety of colours to match their football kits whether that be for training or an actual game. I am pretty certain that there is not a colour that wouldn’t match their kit and if so, the kit must be truly unique as there are over 10+ colours to choose from. You might find that it is quite handy to get more than just one as some teams have a home and an away kit which is never the same colour usually. Typically, if you are looking for one-size-fits-all, what I mean by this is, only having to buy one colour to go with all kits. Then the best option would be to go for either the black or white.

#2 Under Armour Kids Base Layer

In my opinion, Under Armour are the next best thing when it comes to base layers and this is because they have that trust amongst their buyers. Continuously impressing with their new releases and including their various technology into the base layer. Such as their HeatGear fabric which is ultra-soft and smooth for extreme comfort on the playing field. This comes with a branded collar for a little extra warmth around the neck. Perfect for those colder and wetter days on the pitch or even playing with friends. The only issue with the Under Armour kids base layer is that it only provides 3 colours. However, these are neutral colours so they should easily match up to your child’s kit. Price-wise, they have a similar price range to Nike’s so it would be down to personal preference in which one your child prefers.

#3 Adidas Youth Techfit

One of Nike’s biggest competitors just has to feature in this as they are equally as in demand as Nike in my opinion. They also have the technology to back it up with their Techfit technology. This helps support your child’s movements so they can train for longer without playing in discomfort. Made from lightweight polyester and elastane fleece fabric this will give your child the freedom of movement. We understand how important it is not to feel like your compression/ base layer is really tight with a limited amount of movement. This is why the Adidas Youth Techfit base layer features in our top picks. One of their greatest features is that it is produced from recycled materials making it better for the environment but don’t let this fool you into thinking it may not be of great quality. I can assure you that this is top of the range and will protect your child against the cold.

Check it out here.

#4 Under Armour Kids Superman Short Sleeve Base Layer

Let me just start by saying that your child will love this so much, that they will feel just like Superman. The design is incredible and you wouldn’t even have to force them to wear it like with other base layers. They will want this on, all the time, whether they are training or playing with friends. The best thing about it is that they can wear it with whatever kit they like as this is short sleeve. The only problem with this is that it may not provide as much protection against the cold as the long sleeve options. But this is definitely up there with the coolest options available on the market which is why we just had to put it in there.

If your child is not a fan of Superman, not to worry, they offer lots of different options ranging from Star Wars, Batman and more. Either way, it will make your child feel like they are playing like a superhero and fun is the most important aspect of football at their age.

Check it out here.

#5 Sondico Base Layer

Here it is, our final pick for the best kids football base layer. The Sondico base layer makes it onto the list as it provides parents with a cheaper alternative that provides the same function. Whether they are wearing Under Armour, Nike, Adidas or Sondico. Sondico will give them the same protection as the rest and also has a lot of colours to choose from. To be totally honest, it is also great quality material for a much lower price so, in my opinion, this is a win-win. Also, children grow up very quickly so the last thing you may want to do is continuously spend money on base layers once they grow out of them. The Sondico base layer is easy to pull on, it’s machine washable so you can get off all those grass stains along with the mud when they play in the rain.


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