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Leverkusen’s Rocket Ride: Can Alonso Topple the Bavarian Giants?

In the heartland of German football, a revolution is brewing. Bayer Leverkusen, once the perennial bridesmaids of the Bundesliga, are challenging the seemingly unshakeable reign of Bayern Munich. At the helm of this audacious uprising stands a familiar face, the midfield maestro turned managerial marvel, Xabi Alonso.


Last season, Leverkusen were teetering on the brink of relegation. Enter Alonso, who, with the quiet confidence of a champion, orchestrated a stunning turnaround. Sixth place wasn’t just a consolation prize; it was a springboard. This season, the Werkself have not only climbed, they’ve taken flight.


Five points clear at the top, Leverkusen are playing a brand of football that is as intoxicating as it is effective. It’s a tactical ballet, choreographed by Alonso, where youthful exuberance collides with strategic brilliance. Florian Wirtz, the teenage prodigy, pulls the strings in behind ruthless Victor Boniface.


But the true maestro is Alonso. His tactical nous, honed under the tutelage of footballing royalty like Guardiola and Ancelotti, has Leverkusen playing with a swagger unseen in years. They’re not just winning, they’re outplaying their opponents, silencing doubters with every audacious goal.


Now, imagine the seismic shift a Leverkusen title win would create. Eleven years of Bayern dominance would crumble, the narrative rewritten. It wouldn’t just be a trophy for Leverkusen; it would be a symbol of hope for every underdog, a testament to the power of vision, grit, and tactical genius.


However, the road to glory is no Autobahn cruise. Bayern, wounded but not out, lurk just behind. The Allianz Arena remains a fortress, and experience is often the trump card in title races. Still, Leverkusen’s belief is unwavering. They’ve already defied expectations, and they’re hungry for more.




Kane’s Bavarian Blues: Trophy Drought Extends in Munich?

Harry Kane’s summer switch to Bayern Munich was supposed to be the answer to his trophyless prayers. Leaving North London after years of near misses, he joined a club synonymous with silverware, a Bundesliga machine seemingly guaranteed to end his barren spell. Yet, here we are, mid-February, and the dream is starting to look decidedly dusty.


While Kane has personally delivered (as always), bagging 25 league goals, Bayern find themselves adrift. The Bundesliga title, once a foregone conclusion, is slipping through their fingers, Leverkusen’s youthful exuberance posing a serious threat. The DFB Pokal is gone, a shock defeat to Freiburg adding further fuel to the fire.


Can Alonso orchestrate the unthinkable? Can Leverkusen topple the Bavarian giants and rewrite Bundesliga history? The answer, like the season itself, is captivatingly uncertain. But one thing’s for sure: this Leverkusen side is no longer a sideshow. They’re the main event, and their story is just beginning. So buckle up, football fans, for a Bundesliga race that promises to be as dramatic as it is historic.


Girona FC, the unassuming Catalonian club, are quietly making waves in La Liga. Currently sitting in 2nd place after 25 games, their story is one of tactical prowess, smart recruitment, and unwavering ambition. Let’s delve into the key factors behind their meteoric rise.


Humble Beginnings and a Smart Return

Founded in 1930, Girona spent most of their history bouncing between the Segunda Division and Segunda División B. They finally tasted La Liga in 2017, but their stay was short-lived, lasting only two seasons. However, their relegation wasn’t the end. Fueled by the financial backing of the City Football Group (CFG), Girona meticulously rebuilt under manager Michel. They focused on developing young talent, employing astute loan deals, and acquiring experienced leaders like Stuani and Gazzaniga. This strategy culminated in a dramatic playoff victory in 2022, securing their return to the top tier.



Tactical Evolution and Defensive Discipline

Michel’s tactical nous has been instrumental in Girona’s success. He favors a flexible 4-3-3, transitioning seamlessly between possession-based attacking and resilient defending. Their compact defensive structure has been key, conceding only 25 goals in 25 games, the second-best record in La Liga. Michel’s emphasis on tactical flexibility allows them to adapt to different opponents, as evidenced by their impressive wins against Barcelona and Real Sociedad.


Unexpected Heroes and Goalscoring Prowess

While seasoned figures like Stuani provide experience, Girona’s rise is fueled by unexpected heroes. Arnau Martínez, a 20-year-old academy graduate, has impressed at left-back, while Yangel Herrera offers defensive solidity in midfield. The surprise package, however, is Ukrainian striker Viktor Tsygankov, on loan from Dynamo Kyiv. He has bagged 8 goals, forming a potent partnership with Stuani.



The Road Ahead and European Dreams

With 13 games remaining, Girona face a tough challenge to maintain their position. They’ll need to navigate fixtures against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, while avoiding complacency against mid-table teams. However, their current form and tactical discipline suggest they shouldn’t be underestimated. European qualification may seem like a distant dream, but considering their journey, even that doesn’t seem impossible.

Girona FC’s rise is a testament to intelligent planning, tactical innovation, and the courage to trust young talent. They are rewriting the narrative of a small-town club, proving that ambition and smart football can challenge the established order. Whether they maintain their lofty position or not, their story is far from over, and La Liga should brace itself for the continued rise of Girona FC.


The sands of world football are shifting, and at the epicentre stands a nation cloaked in emerald and gold – Saudi Arabia. In recent years, the Kingdom has injected itself into the global game with the force of a desert wind, its ambitions as vast and boundless as the dunes themselves. But as Saudi Arabia’s golden boot prints etch deeper into the pitch, questions and concerns dance alongside the cheers. Is this a meteoric rise fueled by passion, or a calculated power play fueled by petrodollars?

From Humble Beginnings to Global Spotlight

Saudi Arabia’s footballing roots run deep, nurtured in dusty backyards and rudimentary pitches. The national team, the Green Falcons, soared to continental glory in 1984, lifting the Asian Cup. However, international success remained elusive, and the domestic league, while passionate, lacked the glamour and global reach of European powerhouses.

Then came Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s ambitious blueprint for diversification and modernization. Football became a cornerstone, a tool for economic growth, cultural transformation, and soft power projection. The Public Investment Fund (PIF), the sovereign wealth fund, flexed its financial muscle, acquiring majority stakes in the country’s four biggest clubs.

The Ronaldo Effect and a Star-Studded Pitch

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2023 was a seismic event. The world’s most recognizable footballer, lured by a record-breaking contract, instantly thrust Saudi Arabia onto the global stage. His mere presence attracted a constellation of other stars – N’Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Jordan Henderson – adding glitter and gravitas to the previously regional league.


Impact and Repercussions

The effects of Saudi Arabia’s rise are undeniable. The domestic league has witnessed a surge in attendance, viewership, and sponsorship deals. Infrastructure is being revamped, academies blooming, and local players benefiting from the expertise of global stars. The national team, too, has shown signs of improvement, recently upsetting Argentina in a historic World Cup group stage match.

But amidst the glitter, shadows lurk. Critics point to concerns about “sportswashing,” using football to deflect attention from human rights issues. The astronomical spending raises questions about financial sustainability and competitive balance. Some fear the traditional soul of the game is being sacrificed at the altar of petrodollars, with local talent development overshadowed by imported superstars.

The Uncertain Game

Saudi Arabia’s footballing future remains an open book. Will the Kingdom’s golden touch translate into sustained success on the pitch, or will the bubble eventually burst? Can it strike a balance between ambition and authenticity, fostering local talent while embracing global stars?

One thing is certain: Saudi Arabia’s rise has irreversibly altered the landscape of world football. Whether it paves the way for a golden age or crumbles into a gilded mirage, the Green Falcons have well and truly taken flight, leaving the world watching with a mix of awe and apprehension.

This is just the beginning of the story. As the game unfolds, one thing is certain: Saudi Arabia’s impact on world football will be anything but predictable. The sands have shifted, and the beautiful game will never be the same.


The Departure Of Jordan Henderson

In January 2024, Jordan Henderson became unsettled, citing poor training facilities and lack of Western home comforts. He also wants to play for England at the upcoming Euros in Germany in the Summer. Perhaps admirable aims, but for the optics of Saudi Arabia and their project it is a massive blow. 


Jordan was seen as someone with credibility and gravitas and his loss could be fatal. I think this window and the next summer is key. If players are still willing to head over there and Saudi Arabia are willing to bankroll it to the tune they have currently then they will be a threat. Watch this space, you can guarantee we will at Football for Kids!


Football, known as soccer in some countries, is more than just a game; it’s a passion that unites people across the globe. For young players, developing fundamental skills early is crucial for their growth in the sport. This article explores some of the best football drills designed to enhance the abilities of young players, focusing on technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness, all while ensuring the game remains fun and engaging.


1. Dribbling Drills

  1. Cone Dribbling: Set up a line of cones and have players dribble the ball through them. This drill improves close ball control, agility, and coordination. To add variety, change the layout of the cones to include zig-zags or circles.
  2. Pressure Dribbling: Pair up players, with one acting as the attacker and the other as the defender. The attacker must dribble the ball while the defender applies light pressure. This teaches players to maintain control under pressure.


2. Passing Drills

  1. Triangle Passing: Set up groups of three players in the shape of a triangle. Players pass the ball to each other, focusing on accuracy and timing. This drill develops spatial awareness and teamwork.
  2. Wall Pass Drill: In pairs, players pass the ball to each other and then move to another position. This drill teaches the importance of movement after passing and helps improve passing accuracy and timing.


3. Shooting Drills

  1. Target Practice: Set up targets in the corners of the goal. Players take turns shooting at these targets from outside the penalty box, improving their accuracy and power.
  2. Penalty Shootout: Regular practice of penalty kicks can help young players handle pressure situations and refine their shooting technique.


4. Defensive Drills

  1. One-on-One Defending: Pair players up, with one as the attacker and the other as the defender. The defender must prevent the attacker from scoring. This drill enhances tackling skills and defensive positioning.
  2. Group Defense: Have a small group of players defend against attackers. This teaches teamwork in defense and how to communicate effectively on the field.


5. Physical Conditioning

  1. Sprint and Jog: Intervals of sprinting and jogging around the field build endurance and speed.
  2. Agility Ladder: Using an agility ladder, have players perform various exercises to improve footwork and agility.


6. Game Understanding and Positional Play

  1. Mini-Matches: Playing small-sided games helps young players understand different positions and the dynamics of the game.
  2. Position-Specific Drills: Tailor drills to specific positions (e.g., goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, strikers) to teach the roles and responsibilities of each position.


Implementing these drills in training sessions can significantly enhance the skill set of young football players. The key is to maintain a balance between rigorous training and ensuring the game remains enjoyable. Encouraging teamwork, discipline, and a love for the game will not only develop better football players but also individuals who appreciate the value of hard work and sportsmanship.


I thought the Harry Kane deal was going to be done this week. I had a feeling that Bayern were going to bid just enough to lure Daniel Levy and Tottenham into a sale but the story rumbles on. The new premier league season is just 2 days away now and it has been reported that if he plays in that first game he will be here for the whole season. Bayern have upped their bid to around £95m in a last ditch attempt but will they get the move through.

While Harry Kane is clearly worth more than some of the players that have been going for £100-120m he is a different animal at 30 years old so represents no resale value, which is becoming increasingly more popular in todays market. Clubs need to have something at the end but really this is Kane’s last big move so Bayern are reluctant to pay ridiculous money for him. Bayern do have a blueprint for this with Robert Lewandowski who was then allowed to leave very cheaply aged 34/35 after smashing in the goals for years.



Chelsea are still active in the market which is pretty crazy after their last 2 windows and Pochettino even coming out to say they have not got any depth in centre midfield. They are letting Casadei go out on loan, they have Andrey and have just bought Ugochukwu in, both central midfielders as well as Enzo Fernandez, Conor Gallagher, it’s just they want a more seasoned, premier league ready central midfielder. They are still in the hunt for Caicedo with talks apparently going well.

Chelsea’s last bid was around the £90m mark but Brighton are holding out for a figure over £100m with £90m the base up front fee. Interesting news coming from Italy is Juventus are interested in a swap deal involving Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic. I have thought for a few years that Vlahovic is ready made for the Premier League, with his pace, power and raw physicality a threat for anyone. He didn’t have the most prolific year last year but Juve were in turmoil off the pitch so I think it would be wise to look past that.



Regarding Chelsea they have just made a £48m bid for Romeo Lavia, after Liverpool have had 3 bids rejected. And Kepa, has been subject of a loan bid from Bayern Munich to replace the outgoing Yann Sommer. Remember they have just signed Robert Sanchez from Brighton to compete for first choice at Chelsea.



Over to Liverpool as that Romeo Lavia deal is going to affect them. Who is their next choice? It seemed they had all their eggs in this basket but maybe they’re slow negotiation is going to haunt them here? I still think they desperately need a right back, they have Trent and Calvin Ramsey but will Trent play in midfield? If so they are very light at Right Back. They could go for someone like Joe Gomez who has played there before if they go for a Man City like system. At Man City they play Walker and he doesn’t really bomb on, hes there to support the 2 centre backs, tuck inside to make a 3 and move into central midfield at times so maybe that’s what Klopp will go for.



West Ham finally seem to be making progress in the market. Scamacca however is on his way to Atalanta, for around £27m. I had high hopes for him but he just couldn’t settle in England and fitness was an issue,. I’m sure he will bang the goals in back in Italy. Harry Maguire looks set to join the club, a fee of around £30m agreed. I know he gets ridiculed for his Man Utd performances but I think West Ham is the perfect choice for him. They like to sit deeper and play on the break.

They also place heavy emphasis on set pieces, with the likes of Soucek and Zouma also major threats. Which is why James Ward-Prowse is also perfect for them. Another £30m fee agreed, and this would be a bargain in my opinion. He is the best dead ball specialist the premier league has ever seen. You could argue David Beckham but JWP is going to have far more free kick goals and assists, and i think his delivery has more pace and dip than prime Beckham.

Don’t believe me? Go back and watch some old Beckham clips, there is a lot of curl but lacks a bit of pace, and the game has become much faster. Edson Alvarez from Ajax is another £35-40m signing on the verge of completion so that would be 3 players for the same price as they got for Declan Rice but they are sensible, solid signings.


Stay tuned to Football Kids for more transfer news, premier league predictions, previews and much more. Let me know who you think the best transfer of the window so far is?

Just for full transparency, I am for my sins, a Sunderland fan so I will try to write this as unbiased as possible!


Automatic Promotion

Leicester, Southampton. 


Both of these teams represent a huge risk and the squads are still in progress. Leicester City have a new manager, Enzo Maresca who has never managed in this league and has extremely limited experience but recently worked with Pep at Man City, so has the best schooling. Southampton have a terrific, young squad and with Russell Martin as manager have a good fit there with his style and approach to the game. The main concerns are that James Ward-Prowse and Romeo Lavia are likely to go out the door still and how will they replace them? Leicester have made some shrewd signings though, in Harry Winks, Conor Coady and a couple of others and I think they will have too much for the rest of the league.



Leeds, Sunderland, Stoke, Norwich


Let’s be honest, the Championship is one of the most open leagues in world football, and super competitive so any prediction is almost impossible to get right. I do think even though Leeds are in flux, they have managed to retain some very exciting players, and they have players with recent experience at this level. Keeping Willy Gnonto and Crysensio Summerville will be key though. 


Now on to my babies, Sunderland. I genuinely think we have improved since last season when we finished 6th. Ross Stewart is my only concern, a prolific striker at this level but refusing to sign a new deal. Do we keep him and let him go for free next Summer? Or do we cash in and get a new guy? We were hit hard by injuries last season and the majority are back and our squad is the youngest in the league but has a very good balance and depth, pre-season has also gone really well. 


Stoke are sort of my dark horse pick. I know a lot of pundits are saying Ipswich and I can see why, but they just don’t have the quality to make the leap this season, Sunderland did last year but the league was not as strong as it is this year. Stoke however on paper have a great squad, and a great manager in Alex Neil, i know him well as a former Sunderland manager, sadly he showed no loyalty and went to Stoke for a few more quid but he is class. I think this might be the year they get it right. 


Norwich again are a team with a great squad, but last season they were just poor and inconsistent. Again, I think they will have learnt lessons and they have some top young players, like Max Aarons and Andrew Omobamidele (try saying that 3 times quickly!). Pukki has gone but they have Josh Sargent who I am predicting will get at least 20 goals this season.



Rotherham, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield


These all seem pretty obvious to me, there is just a difference in level between all of these and the rest of the league. Huddersfield flirted with relegation most of the year before Warnock worked his magic and i just think now he has the job full time standards will slip and they will be bang in trouble, also their squad is really poor, no stand out players or anyone you can say “that’s the guy that will pull us up”. Sheffield Wednesday are in deep trouble, they have the oldest and least valuable squad in the Championship, they have lost Darren Moore who got them out of League 1, especially after a remarkable turnaround from 4 goals down against Peterborough in the playoffs. The owner is disengaged, no money is going into the club, and no transfers in, if nothing changes then I think most people will agree with this prediction. Lastly is Rotherham. Again, its just a matter of quality, manager Matt Taylor deserves credit for keeping them up last season, but they have lost Ogbene who was their best player last season to Luton on a free, and no real investment coming in. They are a club who do things right though, they only spend what they can afford and their sponsor which is “The Rotherham Hospice” shows they care about their community. Even so, there is no sentiment in football and they are going down.


Top Scorer

I think if Ross Stewart wasn’t unsettled I’d have to go with him but i think it is going to be Iheanacho of Leicester, they are going to be up near the top of the league, they will play expansive football and he is a class above. If not him then I will be interested to see how Ellis Simms gets on at Coventry.


Players to Watch

I’m very interested in how Xavier Simons and Liam Delap are going to get on at Hull City (on loan from Chelsea and Man City respectively). Another Chelsea loan signing im excited to see get some game time is Omari Hutchinson at Ipswich. Luis Hemir Semedo at Sunderland too is going to be exciting, as if it plays out how I think, he will start the season up front and he looks extremely lively. Ross Stewart misses the first few weeks of the season so he could get a few goals and we sell Stewart anyway, which is my guess.


I hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to comment and tell me how wrong I am! Stay tuned to Football Kids for more News, previews, updates and transfers!

Well there really is only one place to start this week. And that is with a certain French footballer by the name of Kylian Mbappe, you may have heard of him! Already earning a reported £2m per week as well as bonuses he has locked horns with the owners and cheque writers at PSG. so much so that he was left out of recent pre-season games and forced to train alone. 


While that isn’t uncommon, we are talking about one of, if not THE most talented player on the planet right now. It all really comes down to money, and the look from the outside is unsavoury. Mbappe is happy to sit on the bench all year because he knows he is going to get a £100m loyalty bonus before he can leave for free. 


Reports in the media suggest he has been speaking with Real Madrid and already has an agreement in place for a £160m signing on bonus as well as high wages.If that’s true it is illegal and against the laws of the game for someone under contract but it is a sort of unwritten rule, and widely known that this goes on so therefore it goes unchallenged and unreported. 


Nonetheless it is troubling that a player can just down tools and say I’m not playing and collect a ridiculously high bonus, while also agreeing other deals elsewhere outside of his or her own contractual boundaries. The players now run the game, you only have to look back 25 years or so when the clubs had huge power and the Bosman ruling was brought in to allow players a way out of a club at the end of a contract. Now it seems to have gone too far the other way, but I can’t see it changing soon with a new influx of cash from Saudi Arabia poisoning the game.


Back to the story though, Mbappe has been subject of a £259m bid and apparently it has the option that he can leave for Real Madrid next year as he had planned while picking up £30m a week in wages. The numbers are eye watering but if they are able to pull this deal off, whether he stays for 1 year or longer, this is a huge coup, will bring broadcasters and Media companies to the table who will want to show Mbappe matches it will represent a sliding doors moment for the country. Think of it as a £1bn marketing budget. Huge corporations around the world spend this already to advertise their own products, whether that’s Google, Apple, Mcdonalds and so on.


My gut feeling is he will actually go for a year, the money is almost too much to turn down, and I believe Mbappe to be a fairly narcissistic money driven player, or that’s how it comes across and he will take the money. We will see if we have a concrete deal by this time next week.


Back to the UK, Henderson has now completed his deal to Saudi for £13m. West Ham are scrabbling around for players. They are looking at James Ward-Prowse again after having a bid rejected for Conor Gallagher, and being told a massive price for Scott McTominay. I think they should pay what it takes to get JWP, he is a quality player, years of experience in the premier league and brings leadership they will have lost with Declan Rice. They are also apparently in for Harry Maguire.


Aston Villa have been doing there business quietly and efficiently this summer. They look a real threat, Unai Emery is a top manager, they have some quality players already and have signed Tielemans and Pau Torres already. Now they have tied up a deal for Moussa Diaby who had been linked with a clutch of top clubs across Europe. He also had a massive offer from Saudi Arabia which he has turned dow to join this exciting project at Villa. Could they be the big surprise for the upcoming season.


Manchester City still haven’t sealed the deal for Josko Gvardiol, and a lot of players have already left with more potentially going. Not many other rumours to be fair to replace them but if there was a team to trust to get their transfer business correct then it’s Man City. Man Utd are still in the hunt for Atalanta Hitman Rasmus Hojlund, but £60m seems steep for a player who has scored just 8 Serie A goals thus far. We will see if there is further negotiation. Dean Henderson looks close to a loan deal to Nottingham Forest and Anthony Elanga has signed permanently for a fee of £15m.


Stay tuned to Football for Kids for more transfer news and please let us know what you’d like to know or hear about next!

It’s been a much bigger week this time around as suspected. The premier league clubs are back in pre-season training again. Basically all of the players are back bar the odd one here or there and this is my most exciting time of the year. The new season is just round the corner, the fixture lists are out and we can all discuss the transfers and outcomes of the teams now. Where will they all finish? Will Man City win the League again? Who will be the surprise package of the season? Can Newcastle sustain their form from last season? Are Liverpool and Chelsea back?


All I know for sure is that there are more players who won’t be part of the league this season, with a lot making the move to Saudi Arabia. Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, both of Liverpool seem the next couple to move. I think this would mark a big shift in the profile of the league over there, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic who constantly gets linked with top Premier League clubs has moved from Lazio and he is still at the peak of his powers. At this point it is still in the funny and intriguing stage, but there will come a point when this flood of oil money will be detrimental to European leagues.


Starting this week will be Manchester United. They finally have agreed the deal for Andre Onana, £47m fee, personal terms no issue and he will be a massive plus for them. For my money he is in the top 5 goalkeepers in Europe, particularly with his feet. Erik Ten Hag also knows the player very well from their time at Ajax. Rashford has signed a new long term deal, until 2028 so now they can concentrate on getting a number 9 in. Rasmus Hojlund is top of their list but is he the answer. He will also be pretty expensive and I’m not sure that links with him being “the next Haaland” are going to help him.


Over to Liverpool then who seem to be losing players left right and particularly centre mid. Jordan Henderson and Fabinho both strongly linked with Saudi Arabian clubs, and Fabinho is as good as done for around £40m. Henderson seems open to the idea of quadrupling his wages, who wouldn’t? But a fee not close to being agreed. Luis Diaz is the latest name linked. I don’t think Liverpool would want to lose him. He has started positively and the fans love him, plus who would replace him? Rumours still swirling of James Ward-Prowse but also his team-mate Romeo Lavia who looks top class, and would be one for the here and now as well as the future.


Over to Manchester City who still haven’t got Gvardiol over the line and that story has gone a bit cold. But I think that will get done, for a world record fee for a defender. Riyad Mahrez heavily linked with a move to Saudi, alleged price of £30m. He wouldn’t be someone they couldn’t replace and i think that opens the door to exciting youngsters like Dario Sarmiento and Cole Palmer. The biggest loss would be Bernardo Silva, the ultimate utility player and someone of great importance to Pep’s squad. Can play pretty much anywhere, with great class but also tenacity and they MUST keep hold of him. Not much else in terms of incomings though, but perhaps that will change if Mahrez and Silva were to leave.


I never really focus too much on the lower end of the league so I’ll give it a bit more focus this time. Bournemouth close to an exciting young signing, Milos Kerkez. He is a Hungarian left back and has a great future ahead of him. £15m as well seems a bargain. Luton have signed a few players, Tahith Chong from Birmingham for £4m as well as Marvelous Nakamba who was on loan to them from Aston Villa last season. Around £8m for him. In my opinion they are just planning for the championship the season after this one, and they will have a strong squad for it. Nottingham Forest are close to a £30m move for Dean Henderson. Hefty fee for the England international but again he has been on loan there and know what they’re getting.


I hope you enjoyed the roundup this week and keep it locked to Football For Kids for more exciting transfer stories!

I’m not sure if it’s been a quiet week or not, but it just seems that the same transfers are rumbling on. Arsenal yet to finalise the Declan Rice deal, although West Ham have been assured this will be done by the weekend. Jurrien Timber is the same. Perhaps they are waiting on outgoings with Partey set to be the latest player to move to Saudi Arabia. Rob Holding has been the subject of a £2.5m bid from Fenerbahce but this is well below Arsenals value for him.


Chelsea now, who are trying to make themselves the busiest club in every window it appears! Lukaku is the main one, apparently he has not turned up for pre-season training. Not sure whether this has been authorised by the club or not but he is notoriously one-track minded and wants the Inter Milan move. He is one of only a few players who has turned down Saudi Arabia and i guess for that he can be applauded. Inter Milan and Chelsea are getting closer to a deal and I’m sure it will end up getting done around the £30-35m mark. Cristian Pulisic has left for the red half of Milan for a fee of around £20m. Incomings are a bit quiet though, the club are very keen still on Caicedo and seem to be the clear frontrunners, but £100m may be too much for them and they also have an interest in Lyon winger Rayan Cherki. The prices I have been seeing seem unbelievably high for him, £50m in some quarters. Undoubtedly talented, but i rate him around £30m.


Manchester United seem to have the same issues as Arsenal, Onana seemingly wants to move to the club, a fee very close to being agreed and personal terms no issue, but Inter are stubborn negotiators. In pre-season Dean Henderson actually picked up an injury so they are down to just Tom Heaton as the recognised senior keeper at the club, that just won’t do. Crazy rumour that Antonio Rudiger may be coming to the club, I can’t see that one happening myself but perhaps he is unhappy in Spain and Real Madrid seem to be recruiting a younger profile of player at the moment. Sofyan Amrabat is someone very much on their radar though and he made a huge impression on everyone at the World Cup for Morocco as a tough tackling all energy midfielder. £30m seems to be the price, but they may be waiting to offload Fred who has interest from Fulham and Turkey at the moment. 


Nothing really going on at City at the moment, just Mahrez out as Saudi Arabia looms. They would need a replacement if he goes as they seem light in that position. I almost forgot, they are still driving forward with a deal to make Josko Gvardiol the most expensive defender ever.


Newcastle have secured the signing of Sandro Tonali from AC Milan. That one is massive in my opinion, constant links with him and the great Andrea Pirlo, and rightly so. They boy oozes class, not sure he’s quite as good at free kicks as Pirlo but he has a tremendous eye for a pass, loves to come deep and conduct play and will make Newcastle’s midfield formidable with Bruno Guimaraes already in there. Harvey Barnes has been heavily linked although Tottenham are also very keen. Moussa Diaby of Bayer Leverkusen is another one i thought may be heading to St. James Park, however reports seem to suggest Aston Villa are leading the race there.


Talking of Aston Villa, they have secured the services of Pau Torres of Villareal, a fee of between £30-35m plus add-ons agreed. The guy is a Spanish international and although only had one year left on his deal is an absolute Rolls-Royce of a player. Fantastic with the ball at his feet, yet tall and powerful and great in both boxes aerially. They have got themselves a bargain.


Tottenham are still scouring the market, they need a fair bit of strengthening, particularly at Centre back. They have been linked with Levi Colwill although I can’t see that happening. Harry Maguire too, but thats also a weird one. Micky Van De Ven of Wolfsburg seems more realistic. Strong, powerful left sided defender, with a lightning turn of pace in recovery situations, he would be just what Tottenham need. Hojberg looks like he may be off to Atletico Madrid and the Harry Kane saga is definitely not over, but I don’t think Bayern will stump up the kind of cash they are looking for. Right now, the smart money says he stays with Spurs and signs a new deal, rumours of a £400k a week deal on the table as well as coaching or manager role after he retires.


That’s the summary of it this week folks, I hope you were entertained, informed and I’ll catch you next week for all the juiciest rumours and transfer here on Football For Kids


We finally have some movement in the biggest transfer dealings of the window. Mason Mount has completed his move to Manchester United. Although being associated with Chelsea since the age of 6, Mason is a known Manchester United supporter, so although sad to leave London, he will be living out a boyhood dream. United have strengthened their midfield, I am a huge fan of Mount, who can play a number of midfield positions and possesses a great trait, hard work!


Declan Rice is imminent, I still don’t think he’s “officially been announced” yet. But Arsenal have made a fantastic signing there and someone who could easily be captain, and leader of that club for the next decade. He has the drive and quality to succeed and I’m sure he will. Jurrien Timber from Ajax is very close too, a fee finally agreed of around £38.5m plus add-ons. I’d love to know what these add-ons are but sadly we never get the details of it. Usually it’s dependent on appearances and achievements of the club in the Champions league etc. I still think Arsenal need another midfielder and a proven striker. Folarin Balogun, who had a breakout season at Reims, wants out and so they will need someone to either replace or back up Gabriel Jesus.


United are busy and they need to be. Andre Onana is the name of the goalkeeper they desperately want but a fee is deemed too high by Inter Milan and they also have the added complication of Saudi Arabia turning his head with a pay day. I really feel for David De Gea, if United had just said we are letting him go on a free it would be fine, that’s football. But a new deal for less money was apparently agreed and then taken away and now he has been getting married and officially a free agent. They are still in talks but I think they have treated him really poorly, he’s been their for a decade, player of the year at least 3 times that i can remember and recently got the Premier League Golden Glove. Strange!


They also want a forward, Rasmus Hojlund is the man they want, Atalanta are tough negotiators though, they want at least £50m for him. Seems a bit rich for someone who has had one good season, but his potential is very clear to see. A physical presence too at just 20 years old, that one will rumble on. Dean Henderson is on his way out, a £30m fee from Nottingham Forest, where he’s been on loan.


Liverpool are busy searching for new recruits, Dominik Szoboszlai though is a done deal, it all happened very fast, a release fee of £60m was met and personal terms agreed very quickly. A lovely technician, great on the ball as you’d expect coming through the red bull system, he would be an exciting addition. They still have quality in the midfield but i think they are short of some sort of destroyer, but who’s out there?


Chelsea have been quietly going about culling their squad, a plethora of players off to Saudi Arabia, Azpilicueta off to Atletico Madrid for a free. What a loyal servant and a Chelsea legend whos been there 11 years and won many trophies, but a good decision by all. They seem to be buying a load of youngsters from across the globe, Angelo Gabriel the latest, who looks an exciting prospect, more so a year or 2 ago but maybe he will shine in the premier league after inevitably going out on loan to their new farm club Strasbourg. I don’t know for sure that he will be loaned there but it seems an obvious link to me.


What are Manchester City doing? Well they are still working on Josko Gvardiol from RB Leipzig who will be drowning in cash but need to fill 2 massive voids left by key players. What an unbelievable defender, left footed too which is a rare commodity in the world, he is fast, reads the game impeccably, tenacious and aggressive in both boxes and fantastic on the ball, he will provide competition, but i think he will go straight in either at centre back or left back where Ake has been playing that sort of wide centre back role.


Plenty more stories will be coming next week as the teams all get back from their holidays. It’s going to be an exciting and expensive Summer!