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Finding a good pair of goalkeeper gloves is essential as you want to provide your children with the most protection. Not only will this boost their confidence when it comes to saving shots but it will also prevent injuries to the hand. As a child, you would want gloves that provide the most protection possible with the most amount of padding to prevent feeling the more powerful shots. This is why we have listed our top 5 best goalkeeper gloves for kids to save you the time and hassle of researching yourself.

Before we list our top picks, it is important to understand the different types of goalkeeper gloves. I say this as if there were hundreds of types but essentially there are two main types. One has a feature called “finger saves” and what this does is prevents the fingers from bending back when saving a shot. Then the standard version doesn’t offer finger save but it does provide more comfort and movement within the hands.

Adidas Predator GL Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

This is arguably one of the best goalkeeper gloves available on the market but they do come at a price. However, they’re considered one of the best overall gloves around so they would definitely be worth the price. These gloves you would have seen everywhere as the majority of the top goalkeepers will be wearing them in their respective leagues and during the Euros. Some of the top goalkeepers wearing these include Manuel Neuer and Gianluigi Donnarumma.

These are for individuals playing at a higher level or those on a bigger budget than others, the quality of these gloves is definitely summed up by the price. They feature URG 1.0 which is a tacky latex developed by professional players. The flex zones allow for natural hand movements preventing bagging and bringing the ball closer to your hand. The Demonskin 2.0 prevents slippage with a sock-like fit. Therefore, these are easy to put on and the quality of the gloves will instantly impact your performance in goal.

Please note that there are different variants of this glove with some cheaper but they obviously have less technology and would not perform like the more expensive ones. It is also good to remember that as a goalkeeper, buying a good pair of gloves is the equivalent of buying a good pair of football boots.

NIKE Children’s Match Goalkeeper Gloves

Next on the list is the Nike Goalkeeper Match gloves as these are considered the best budget gloves. Arguably these are the more popular option when it comes to selecting the best goalkeeper gloves for your kids as they are much cheaper than the Adidas Predator Pro gloves. Also when buying for your children, the amount of football that they play, they are likely to go through a few pairs of gloves. Obviously, the cheaper they are, the more likely they are to fall apart faster so sometimes it is good to buy a glove in the medium range and this is where the NIKE Match Goalkeeper gloves fit in.

The NIKE Match Goalkeeper gloves are a great, sturdy pair of gloves that provide more than enough protection on the hands. They also have a velcro strap which is adjustable to provide a tight and comfortable fit. Designed with reinforced plush foam palms to help grip onto the football when making a save and also reduce the impact of the strike so your child will not feel the power. Another great feature about these gloves is that they come in a variety of colours so your child can pick the ones they want.

Renegade GK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves

The Renegade GK Fury goalie gloves are perfect for high-level performances that are looking at cheaper alternatives to the top brands such as Adidas and Nike. They come with a superior grip so you can keep hold of the football whilst providing you with greater protection and comfort. They come with Pro-Tek Fingersaves to prevent your fingers from bending backwards and allowing you to prevent injury. I have used these before and would personally recommend these if you are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves that offer the greatest protection.

Renegade gloves are trusted by the pro goalkeepers who continue to use them in the big games. They are truly built to last and can be used by anyone to improve their performances on and off the pitch. They are the official goalkeeper glove for the NPSL and the WPSL which are the largest professional football leagues in the U.S. They will make you feel more confident in goal when coming up against free kicks, penalties and general save-stopping scenarios.

Please note that they come in a variety of colours and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you. Whether you want to stand out or blend in, the Renegard GK Fury gloves have you covered.

Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Gloves

These gloves are easily one of the most expensive gloves on the market right now. Right up there with the Adidas Predator Pro’s but there is a method to this madness. The gloves are the ultimate slimline for comfort whilst also utilising Nike’s incredible technology, these are designed for all weather conditions. I know you might be sitting there thinking, “shouldn’t all gloves be weatherproof”. Well, I am here to tell you that although all gloves can be worn in most weather conditions, the majority of gloves will become worthless and unusable within a few storms of the English weather. What I mean by this is, that the foam padding will wear away much faster.

So it might be worth considering these gloves simply for that, let alone for their appearance which is truly unique. With the slip-on feature to provide a firm yet comfortable fitting. Your child will not have to worry about constantly doing up the straps which become very frustrating, very quickly. There is a slight downfall with these gloves and that is the lack of colour options on the market as some players want to stand out from the crowd whilst others want to blend in with the colour of their football kit. Either way, there are not many colours to choose from but once you see how they perform. I’m not sure you will even care too much about what colour they are.

Mitre Junior Magnetite Goalkeeper Gloves

The Mitre junior Magnetite goalkeeper gloves are one of the best budget goalkeeper gloves around. Not only that but they are the ultimate classics. Back when I was in school, everyone who went in goal was rocking a pair of Mitre goalkeeper gloves. Due to their popularity, we had to put these in our top picks for the best goalkeeper gloves for kids.

The Mire Junior gloves provide a 3mm latex palm for greater protection. Obviously, these gloves will not feel as premium as some of the more expensive options out there but they are a great glove to start off with. They have a fully elasticated cuff so it can provide a comfortable and tight fit. The downside to these gloves is that you will not get a great deal of playing time with them. Much like those cheap footballs that come in a variety of sizes, where you turn into a prime Roberto Carlos but after a few kicks the bubble comes out. If you do not know what I am talking about then the question I have to ask is have you ever played football on the streets. Anyway, back to the gloves, the grip is great at first but after a few stormy football sessions with friends. You will notice the wear and tear.

The air-mesh thumb creates a breathable feature so that your child’s gloves don’t get too sweaty to the point where they begin to smell a little unusual. Don’t worry, we have all been there before and it isn’t typically pleasant. These gloves are typically for those looking for a kick-a-bout in the garden or with friends at the park but can also be used at beginner clubs.


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