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We have all been in a position where we did not know which sized footballs are appropriate for the different age ranges. However, for the smaller sized balls, the measurements all tend to be slightly different.


Deciding on a ball size also depends on what the idea of having the football is for. For example, if you are looking at touch control or focusing on precision training. There is also a variant of different sized footballs in regards to whether they are training or match balls.

It is important to understand the difference between them both. Therefore, I have listed the different football options below:

Training Ball – Typically has less padding/skin and therefore becomes less durable but they are also cheaper to purchase.

Match Ball – A match ball is the highest grade of football available with 4 layers to provide a thick feel to it. This means that they last longer, nicer to kick and header and are also more durable. Although they are always more expensive than the training grade balls.

Below is a list of different measurements for the different football ball sizes:

The above gives a good representation of what age group should be using what football-size you should be using within each age range.


Size 3 Football

The size 3 football is suggested to only be used by those under 8 years of age and this is just because of the size of the ball. All those under the age of 8 will typically be in kids sizes still so it is important that the football is not too big for their feet. As crazy as that might sound.

The quality of the size 3 footballs are usually a good representation of the age range it is suited for. What I mean by this is, is that it’s not designed to be kicked hard. The reason for this is because it is created more for a fun element for your children. So perfect for toddlers to play around with.


Size 4 Football

Size 4 footballs are usually the start of playing for a club or school level as a child between 8-12 years old. Going from a size 3 football to a size 4 will feel a little strange because the size, weight and quality will be a big difference. This is to prepare the children for when they move on to the standard sized football.

The size 4 football also helps to develop the children’s skills further than the size 3. The size 3 is used to learn the fundamentals and the size 4 is typically used to begin learning the more difficult skills. It also helps in regards to weight and size as it gives the kids the opportunity to get greater distance and height on the football.


Size 5 Football

Last but not least is the size 5 football which is the biggest football available for competitions and everyone over the age of 12 should be using this size ball. All professional footballers will train and play in matches with this ball. It is the most recognised ball size around the world due to the global display of football on the tv.

Size 5 footballs are the most sold football size in the world with many top brands providing high-quality footballs whether it is for training or matches. The ones you will mostly see is the Nike Premier League football or the Mitre. These are arguably the two biggest football brands, recognised by everyone. The reason for this is because Nike provides footballs for the Premier League whilst Mitre provide footballs for the English Football League.


Our Top Football Picks For You To Try Out

Nike Premier League Football

Nike has been the official ball supplier for the Premier League since the early 2000s and continues to improve on their designs each season.


Adidas Champions League Football

We all live for the Champions League games as it is recognised as the biggest club football tournament around the world. Therefore, all of us would have seen this football before and it has an extremely high-quality feel to it.


Nike Pitch Team Football

This is perfect for a kickabout with friends or trying to improve your skills on a daily basis, with a lovely soft touch to the ball. Admittedly, the quality is not quite the same as the first 2 but it is more than suitable to play a friendly game of football with friends.


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