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Shin pads play a massive role in football as a mandatory piece of equipment that requires every footballer to wear. Therefore, it is important to wear the best ones for you which will be different for everyone. That is why within this guide we will give you our top 10 picks of the best football shin pads.

Although some people hate wearing shin pads, they are there for our protection and they most definitely serve a purpose. Everyone at some point will be on the receiving end of a bad/ late timed challenge and we will all thank the lord that we are wearing out shin pads.

In a way, player’s know that they are protected through their shin pads which results in better performances as we feel a little more relentless. What I mean by this is that we are more likely to compete for the ball and in some cases, this will work out in our favour. Just think, without shin pads your confidence wouldn’t be too great when going in on a challenge or if someone is to challenge you.

If you have never been kicked in the shin without shin pads and are struggling to find out what the fuss is about. Let me be the first to tell you that it is definitely not pleasant, this is something you want to avoid at all costs. The instant dead leg you get is painful and uncomfortable, if the other player is wearing football boots you are also likely to come out with a few cuts and bruises.


1) PUMA Ftblnxt Pro-Flex Sleeve Shinguards

The Puma pro-flex sleeve shinguards are perfect for all ages as it provides protection against the shin. Obviously, shin pads are designed for this but these Puma shinguards are unique. They are lightweight, easy to put in and are designed to provide breathability and comfort throughout the game.

The shinguards come with a shinpad sleeve, to make sure your shin pads stay in one place. The idea is you put the sleeve on under your football sock and then you can slip the shin pads in just before game time. If you are coming off as a sub then you can easily remove them from just pulling them out of your sock.


2) Nike Mercurial Lite Football Shinguards

These were my personal favourite when growing up as they have slick designs although this isn’t so much a factor as you rarely see your shin pads. As a child, I just liked knowing that I had a cool design on my shin pads. However, the Nike Mercuria Lite Football shin pads are constructed from lightweight material and have a thick foam padding that instantly absorbs the impact from a challenge.

Therefore, you can go out there knowing you will be in safe hands with these shin pads. They come with elastic sleeves to give a snug fit and keep your shin pads locked in one place so they don’t constantly move during the match.

The best thing about them is that you have the opportunity to buy them with football straps to save a little money. The football straps are designed to make the shin pads more secure by stopping them from falling down. These shin pads come in either white or black so the choice is yours.


3) Nike Charge Shin Pads

The Nike Charge shin pads are reliable, to say the least, with a pull-up design keeping the shin pads locked into place. Therefore, if you are after normal shin pads and not sure what to get these are the ones for you. They do exactly what they say and that is to protect the shin and the ankles. With the built-in ankle protectors, not only is it protecting your shin but also your ankles so you are less likely to twist those ankles of yours.

There are many colour variants available for the Nike Charge Shin pads so your child can select a colour that suits them best. Whether they are looking for a colour to match their kit colours or their personality.


4) G-Form Pro Elite Shin Guards

The G-Form are one of the best football shin pads around with a revolutionary design. Combining the sleeve and the shin pad together to create a simple, seamless and unique shin protector. You will not see anything else like this on the market that is for sure, they are elite shin pads and are usually a little more expensive than most.

However, with these shin pads, you are getting the ultimate protection along with a high-quality design that will feel as if you are not even wearing them. With other slip-in shin guards, you will find that they sometimes move out of place without any sock tape or ankle straps. Whereas, with the G-Form Pro Elite’s you will never have to worry about this issue again as they firmly sit on your shin and provide the ultimate comfort.


5) Adidas Performance Ghost Pro

Now, these are definitely up there with the very best shin pads and this is not just because of the design but also the performance of them. I guess they are called ‘ghost’ for a reason and that is because you won’t even be able to tell you to have them on with their extremely snug fit.

This unique design of the Adidas Performance Ghost Pro is certainly a fan favourite although it may not be for everyone. The compression sleeves wrap firmly around the leg ready for the shin pad to be slotted in. No longer having to worry about those sweaty and irritable straps around the leg.

These are the type of shin pads that you see and automatically want to get them, even me looking at them is tempting me and I already have shin pads. With the narrow fit, it will almost feel like you are Jack Grealish roaming around the pitch. Other than that, I have no other words to describe these shin pads other than absolutely stunning.


6) Under Armour Flex Shin Pads

The Under Armor Flex Shin Pads are less known for their design and more for the quality of the shin pad. Which in some aspects is better as it means they are spending more time focusing on the structure rather than the design. These lightweight shin pads are one of the best football shin pads for those players wanting to glide around the pitch.

The holes within the shin pads are designed to provide greater ventilation than other shin pads and whilst there are many holes in the shin pads. They are unbelievably durable and will keep your shins protected against those nasty challenges.

Under Armour gave them the name of ‘Flex’ as they are easily one of the most flexible shin pads around. Helping them mould around your shins like it is a bit of extra skin, you won’t even know you have them on until someone kicks you. Then you will be thinking to yourself “thank god I have shin pads on.”



Everyone will have different opinions on the best football shin pads but these are the most popular choices around and ones you will most likely see a player wearing. It is down to you to decide if you want something bright and colourful or something that will keep you off the radar. It is also down to personal preference so find a pair that is comfortable for you.


Hi, I am Oliver, I am a Chelsea fan at heart and always grew up on football and rugby. However, I definitely sway more to the football now as it continues to grow on me and I am proud to say I tune in to every Chelsea game. I always loved playing football with friends and would always be the goalkeeper. Especially on the rainy days when you go flying through the mud.

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