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With father’s day just around the corner, finding a great football gift for your football-loving dad can be difficult. Football is usually something that bonds a father and son together and gives them lots to talk about. I am sure all the father’s out there are getting fed up with the number of socks they have been gifted over the years. So take a look below for some great football gifts for father’s day instead.

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing your dad is actually going to use the gift you bought him, whether it’s a new football shirt of the team he supports, stadium tours or sentimental mugs. Finding the right one is difficult and so we have compiled our top picks this Father’s day so you can save time scouring the internet in search of a present. We will also try to pick ones that provide next-day delivery as we don’t want you to panic.

Funny Football-Themed Mug

Humour can be the best form of a present and if you were to give your dad this mug, I guarantee it will put more than just a smile on your face. Especially if he is not a Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester City fan. Otherwise, this mug doesn’t really work too well, either way, he will be laughing. If they are an Arsenal or Tottenham fan then this is definitely a perfect gift.

The best thing about it is every time he has a hot drink and judging by most fathers, this will be a lot. He will always be reminded of the gift you got him for Father’s day.

Original Retro Chocolate Footballs

These are one of the best football gifts for fathers day as they will take them back to their childhood without a doubt. These retro football chocolates are one of a kind and although they may not be of the highest quality when it comes to taste. Tastes more like advent calendar chocolate almost. Anyway, this is more about sentiment and he will love these and more than likely eat most of them within the first week like most men.

Who knows, he may even share them with you whilst the football is on. Although watching England lately, he may not be in the best of moods like the rest of us but worth asking, right?

Wembley Stadium Tour

Now this will easily be one of the most exciting gifts to get your dad this father’s day. With a truly rememberable experience that will be unique. With not many stadiums built like it, the home of the Three Lions. They would get to experience what it is like to be a player at one of the finest stadiums. Not only that, you will be treated as a VIP and get to touch the very green grass.

Also, if you get a second ticket it means you can experience it with your dad whilst enjoying it for yourself. We see that as a win-win situation, to be honest. Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Wembley stadium tour instead do it for the team that he supports.

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Football Pint Glass

Now, this is something that will definitely get used for many years to come and that is because men love a refreshing beer on a Summer’s day and there is no denying it I’m afraid lads. This is what makes this the perfect football gift for father’s day. The best thing about it is you can get them a customisable football team pint glass.

How great is that? They can enjoy a nice cold beverage whilst showing their support for their favourite team. There are also novelty ones available which are just hilarious like you could only imagine what it would look like with your father drinking from it. Like this hysterical pint glass in the shape of a football boot. They would definitely see the funny side and no doubt they will crack it out when they have their friends around watching the footy.

Personalised Dad’s Dream Team Picture

If you are looking at thinking outside the box then this personalised dad’s dream team print is the way forward. Gives a truly unique twist as it allows you to customise the kit to match their favourite team whilst also adding your family members to it. This is definitely one of the most sentimental gifts out there this fathers day for sure.

With a couple of sizes available such as A3 and A4, what might be best is to decide where you would like your dad to put the picture. More often than not, the A3 size is preferred as it allows all those dads out there to show off their family. However, if this is something that they are wanting to take to the office then the A4 would be ideal.

Virgin Helicopter Football Stadium Tour

Now if you are looking to get yourself into your dad’s good books this is definitely something you should look into. Obviously, this one is for those that have a slightly larger budget as it does tend to be on the more expensive side. But you have to remember, this is an experience like no other.

Allowing them to be a big kid for the day whilst they have the choice of 14 stadiums to fly over and for just over £100 on Virgin Experience Days, you can’t really complain. How many people can say they have been on a helicopter ride over their favourite stadium, probably not many I can assure you.

Get it from Virgin Experience Days for £119

Amazon Gift Card in Football Tin

This is for those last resort gifts and for those dads that are typically fussy and you truly have no idea what to get them. This Amazon gift card comes wrapped in a football tin so keeps the football theme alive. Also, you can select the amount you would like to put on there ranging from £25 to £1000. Just remember, it is the thought that counts, as long as you get them a fathers day card (THAT IS ESSENTIAL). I guess, think of it this way, at least they will buy something they will use with the gift card so there are definitely some positives to this.


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