Let’s Talk Champions League Final 2021 | Football For Kids

So only two teams have now reached the Champions League Final and those teams are Chelsea and Manchester City. That is right, it will be an all-English final which makes for very exciting viewing.

The first team to reach the Champions League Final was indeed Manchester City after two great team performances against PSG. This was the furthest that PSG have come in the Champions League so was the pressure and excitement too much for them. Probably not, they were unsettled due to key players being injured on the second leg which meant they were unable to push for a win. Credit to Manchester City who was unbelievable in both legs and didn’t show any signs of cracking thanks to the young man known as Phil Foden. What a superstar he will be in the future. All that was left was for Manchester City to sit back and watch who else made it to the final.

So we go on to the other semi-final where Chelsea played Real Madrid. They managed to squeeze past them on the second leg at Stamford Bridge. This turned out to be a very interesting game as it was one that Chelsea needed to win, being 1-0 down in the first leg. This meant that they couldn’t concede an away goal as this would make it harder for them to qualify. Luckily, they did exactly that and the game was exciting to watch until the very end. Once Pullisic calmly passed the ball to Mason Mount, we knew what that meant. Chelsea was to go through to the Final.

Update: The Champions League Final will no longer be played in Istanbul due to the ongoing fear of COVID-19. Therefore, the final has been moved to Porto where the UK Government have given the green light with no quarantining needing to take place when they return. Better yet, they will be allowing a number of fans to go over there to watch and support their team in the final. Best get buying your tickets now before they sell out!


Hi, I am Oliver, I am a Chelsea fan at heart and always grew up on football and rugby. However, I definitely sway more to the football now as it continues to grow on me and I am proud to say I tune in to every Chelsea game. I always loved playing football with friends and would always be the goalkeeper. Especially on the rainy days when you go flying through the mud.

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