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It’s the moment we all get excited about, that’s right, the premier league fixtures for the 22/23 season have been released. You can now begin to look forward to your team’s first fixture and also get back to watching football every weekend. That is what dreams are made of, in my opinion. Kicking the premier league in style with a London Derby match in the form of Crystal Palace vs Arsenal and what a game that will turn out to be.

Whether you are looking forward to seeing the newly promoted teams in the premier league or watching the new players that your team have signed. Either way, this will be a season to remember. Who do you think will bring home the Premier League, will it be Manchester City again, especially with their new signing Erling Haaland. Or will we see an underdog top the table? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out!

Below, we have listed all of the Premier League fixtures for the 22/23 season so you will never miss a game. Better yet, if you are a Fantasy Football legend, this will help you keep on top of who to captain for those all-important points.

Friday 5 August

Crystal Palace v Arsenal (8pm Kick-off)

Saturday 6 August

Fulham v Liverpool (12:30pm Kick-off)
AFC Bournemouth v Aston Villa (3pm Kick-off)
Leeds v Wolves (3pm Kick-off)
Leicester v Brentford (3pm Kick-off)
Newcastle v Nottingham Forest (3pm Kick-off)
Spurs v Southampton (3pm Kick-off)
Everton v Chelsea (5:30pm Kick-off)

Sunday 7 August

Man Utd v Brighton (2pm Kick-off)
West Ham v Man City (4:30pm Kick-off)

Saturday 13 August

Arsenal v Leicester
Aston Villa v Everton
Brentford v Man Utd
Brighton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Spurs
Liverpool v Crystal Palace
Man City v AFC Bournemouth
Nottingham Forest v West Ham
Southampton v Leeds
Wolves v Fulham

Saturday 20 August

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal
Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
Everton v Nottingham Forest
Fulham v Brentford
Leeds v Chelsea
Leicester v Southampton
Man Utd v Liverpool
Newcastle v Man City
Spurs v Wolves
West Ham v Brighton

Saturday 27 August

Arsenal v Fulham
Aston Villa v West Ham
Brentford v Everton
Brighton v Leeds
Chelsea v Leicester
Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth
Man City v Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest v Spurs
Southampton v Man Utd
Wolves v Newcastle

Tuesday 30 August

AFC Bournemouth v Wolves (7:45pm Kick-off)
Arsenal v Aston Villa (7:45pm Kick-off)
Fulham v Brighton (7:45pm Kick-off)
Leeds v Everton (7:45pm Kick-off)
Leicester v Man Utd (7:45pm Kick-off)
West Ham v Spurs (7:45pm Kick-off)
Crystal Palace v Brentford (8pm Kick-off)

Wednesday 31 August

Southampton v Chelsea (7:45pm Kick-off)
Liverpool v Newcastle (8pm Kick-off)
Man City v Nottingham Forest (8pm Kick-off)

Saturday 3 September

Aston Villa v Man City
Brentford v Leeds
Brighton v Leicester
Chelsea v West Ham
Everton v Liverpool
Man Utd v Arsenal
Newcastle v Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest v AFC Bournemouth
Spurs v Fulham
Wolves v Southampton

Saturday 10 September

AFC Bournemouth v Brighton
Arsenal v Everton
Crystal Palace v Man Utd
Fulham v Chelsea
Leeds v Nottingham Forest
Leicester v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Wolves
Man City v Spurs
Southampton v Brentford
West Ham v Newcastle

Saturday 17 September

Aston Villa v Southampton
Brentford v Arsenal
Brighton v Crystal Palace
Chelsea v Liverpool
Everton v West Ham
Man Utd v Leeds
Newcastle v AFC Bournemouth
Nottingham Forest v Fulham
Spurs v Leicester
Wolves v Man City

Saturday 1 October

AFC Bournemouth v Brentford
Arsenal v Spurs
Crystal Palace v Chelsea
Fulham v Newcastle
Leeds v Aston Villa
Leicester v Nottingham Forest
Liverpool v Brighton
Man City v Man Utd
Southampton v Everton
West Ham v Wolves

Saturday 8 October

AFC Bournemouth v Leicester
Arsenal v Liverpool
Brighton v Spurs
Chelsea v Wolves
Crystal Palace v Leeds
Everton v Man Utd
Man City v Southampton
Newcastle v Brentford
Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa
West Ham v Fulham

Saturday 15 October

Aston Villa v Chelsea
Brentford v Brighton
Fulham v AFC Bournemouth
Leeds v Arsenal
Leicester v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v Man City
Man Utd v Newcastle
Southampton v West Ham
Spurs v Everton
Wolves v Nottingham Forest

Tuesday 18 October

AFC Bournemouth v Southampton (7:45pm Kick-off)
Arsenal v Man City (7:45pm Kick-off)
Brentford v Chelsea (7:45pm Kick-off)
Brighton v Nottingham Forest (7:45pm Kick-off)
Fulham v Aston Villa (7:45pm Kick-off)
Leicester v Leeds (7:45pm Kick-off)
Crystal Palace v Wolves (8pm Kick-off)

Wednesday 19 October

Newcastle v Everton (7:45pm Kick-off)
Liverpool v West Ham (8pm Kick-off)
Man Utd v Spurs (8pm Kick-off)

Saturday 22 October

Aston Villa v Brentford
Chelsea v Man Utd
Everton v Crystal Palace
Leeds v Fulham
Man City v Brighton
Nottingham Forest v Liverpool
Southampton v Arsenal
Spurs v Newcastle
West Ham v AFC Bournemouth
Wolves v Leicester

Saturday 29 October

AFC Bournemouth v Spurs
Arsenal v Nottingham Forest
Brentford v Wolves
Brighton v Chelsea
Crystal Palace v Southampton
Fulham v Everton
Leicester v Man City
Liverpool v Leeds
Man Utd v West Ham
Newcastle v Aston Villa

Saturday 5 November

Aston Villa v Man Utd
Chelsea v Arsenal
Everton v Leicester
Leeds v AFC Bournemouth
Man City v Fulham
Nottingham Forest v Brentford
Southampton v Newcastle
Spurs v Liverpool
West Ham v Crystal Palace
Wolves v Brighton

Saturday 12 November

AFC Bournemouth v Everton
Brighton v Aston Villa
Fulham v Man Utd
Liverpool v Southampton
Man City v Brentford
Newcastle v Chelsea
Nottingham Forest v Crystal Palace
Spurs v Leeds
West Ham v Leicester
Wolves v Arsenal

Monday 26 December

Arsenal v West Ham
Aston Villa v Liverpool
Brentford v Spurs
Chelsea v AFC Bournemouth
Crystal Palace v Fulham
Everton v Wolves
Leeds v Man City
Leicester v Newcastle
Man Utd v Nottingham Forest
Southampton v Brighton

Saturday 31 December

AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace
Brighton v Arsenal
Fulham v Southampton
Liverpool v Leicester
Man City v Everton
Newcastle v Leeds
Nottingham Forest v Chelsea
Spurs v Aston Villa
West Ham v Brentford
Wolves v Man Utd

Monday 2 January

Arsenal v Newcastle
Aston Villa v Wolves
Brentford v Liverpool
Chelsea v Man City
Crystal Palace v Spurs
Everton v Brighton
Leeds v West Ham
Leicester v Fulham
Man Utd v AFC Bournemouth
Southampton v Nottingham Forest

Saturday 14 January

Aston Villa v Leeds
Brentford v AFC Bournemouth
Brighton v Liverpool
Chelsea v Crystal Palace
Everton v Southampton
Man Utd v Man City
Newcastle v Fulham
Nottingham Forest v Leicester
Spurs v Arsenal
Wolves v West Ham

Saturday 21 January

AFC Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest
Arsenal v Man Utd
Crystal Palace v Newcastle
Fulham v Spurs
Leeds v Brentford
Leicester v Brighton
Liverpool v Chelsea
Man City v Wolves
Southampton v Aston Villa
West Ham v Everton

Saturday 4 February

Aston Villa v Leicester
Brentford v Southampton
Brighton v AFC Bournemouth
Chelsea v Fulham
Everton v Arsenal
Man Utd v Crystal Palace
Newcastle v West Ham
Nottingham Forest v Leeds
Spurs v Man City
Wolves v Liverpool

Saturday 11 February

AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle
Arsenal v Brentford
Crystal Palace v Brighton
Fulham v Nottingham Forest
Leeds v Man Utd
Leicester v Spurs
Liverpool v Everton
Man City v Aston Villa
Southampton v Wolves
West Ham v Chelsea

Saturday 18 February

Aston Villa v Arsenal
Brentford v Crystal Palace
Brighton v Fulham
Chelsea v Southampton
Everton v Leeds
Man Utd v Leicester
Newcastle v Liverpool
Nottingham Forest v Man City
Spurs v West Ham
Wolves v AFC Bournemouth

Saturday 25 February

AFC Bournemouth v Man City
Crystal Palace v Liverpool
Everton v Aston Villa
Fulham v Wolves
Leeds v Southampton
Leicester v Arsenal
Man Utd v Brentford
Newcastle v Brighton
Spurs v Chelsea
West Ham v Nottingham Forest

Saturday 4 March

Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
Brentford v Fulham
Brighton v West Ham
Chelsea v Leeds
Liverpool v Man Utd
Man City v Newcastle
Nottingham Forest v Everton
Southampton v Leicester
Wolves v Spurs

Saturday 11 March

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool
Crystal Palace v Man City
Everton v Brentford
Fulham v Arsenal
Leeds v Brighton
Leicester v Chelsea
Man Utd v Southampton
Newcastle v Wolves
Spurs v Nottingham Forest
West Ham v Aston Villa

Saturday 18 March

Arsenal v Crystal Palace
Aston Villa v AFC Bournemouth
Brentford v Leicester
Brighton v Man Utd
Chelsea v Everton
Liverpool v Fulham
Man City v West Ham
Nottingham Forest v Newcastle
Southampton v Spurs
Wolves v Leeds

Saturday 1 April

AFC Bournemouth v Fulham
Arsenal v Leeds
Brighton v Brentford
Chelsea v Aston Villa
Crystal Palace v Leicester
Everton v Spurs
Man City v Liverpool
Newcastle v Man Utd
Nottingham Forest v Wolves
West Ham v Southampton

Saturday 8 April

Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest
Brentford v Newcastle
Fulham v West Ham
Leeds v Crystal Palace
Leicester v AFC Bournemouth
Liverpool v Arsenal
Man Utd v Everton
Southampton v Man City
Spurs v Brighton
Wolves v Chelsea

Saturday 15 April

Aston Villa v Newcastle
Chelsea v Brighton
Everton v Fulham
Leeds v Liverpool
Man City v Leicester
Nottingham Forest v Man Utd
Southampton v Crystal Palace
Spurs v AFC Bournemouth
West Ham v Arsenal
Wolves v Brentford

Saturday 22 April

AFC Bournemouth v West Ham
Arsenal v Southampton
Brentford v Aston Villa
Brighton v Man City
Crystal Palace v Everton
Fulham v Leeds
Leicester v Wolves
Liverpool v Nottingham Forest
Man Utd v Chelsea
Newcastle v Spurs

Tuesday 25 April

Everton v Newcastle (7:45pm Kick-off)
Leeds v Leicester (7:45pm Kick-off)
Nottingham Forest v Brighton (7:45pm Kick-off)
Spurs v Man Utd (7:45pm Kick-off)
West Ham v Liverpool (7:45pm Kick-off)
Wolves v Crystal Palace (7:45pm Kick-off)
Aston Villa v Fulham (8pm Kick-off)

Wednesday 26 April

Chelsea v Brentford (7:45pm Kick-off)
Southampton v AFC Bournemouth (7:45pm Kick-off)
Man City v Arsenal (8pm Kick-off)

Saturday 29 April

AFC Bournemouth v Leeds
Arsenal v Chelsea
Brentford v Nottingham Forest
Brighton v Wolves
Crystal Palace v West Ham
Fulham v Man City
Leicester v Everton
Liverpool v Spurs
Man Utd v Aston Villa
Newcastle v Southampton

Saturday 6 May

AFC Bournemouth v Chelsea
Brighton v Everton
Fulham v Leicester
Liverpool v Brentford
Man City v Leeds
Newcastle v Arsenal
Nottingham Forest v Southampton
Spurs v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Man Utd
Wolves v Aston Villa

Saturday 13 May

Arsenal v Brighton
Aston Villa v Spurs
Brentford v West Ham
Chelsea v Nottingham Forest
Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth
Everton v Man City
Leeds v Newcastle
Leicester v Liverpool
Man Utd v Wolves
Southampton v Fulham

Saturday 20 May

AFC Bournemouth v Man Utd
Brighton v Southampton
Fulham v Crystal Palace
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Man City v Chelsea
Newcastle v Leicester
Nottingham Forest v Arsenal
Spurs v Brentford
West Ham v Leeds
Wolves v Everton

Sunday 28 May

Arsenal v Wolves (4pm Kick-off)
Aston Villa v Brighton (4pm Kick-off)
Brentford v Man City (4pm Kick-off)
Chelsea v Newcastle (4pm Kick-off)
Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest (4pm Kick-off)
Everton v AFC Bournemouth (4pm Kick-off)
Leeds v Spurs (4pm Kick-off)
Leicester v West Ham (4pm Kick-off)
Man Utd v Fulham (4pm Kick-off)
Southampton v Liverpool (4pm Kick-off)

Current Premier League Table

# Team MP W D L F A G P
1 Liverpool 26 18 6 2 63 25 +38 60
2 Manchester City 25 17 5 3 58 26 +32 56
3 Arsenal 25 17 4 4 58 22 +36 55
4 Aston Villa 25 15 4 6 52 33 +19 49
5 Tottenham Hotspur 25 14 5 6 52 38 +14 47
6 Manchester United 25 14 2 9 35 34 +1 44
7 Brighton & Hov… 25 10 8 7 48 40 +8 38
8 Newcastle United 25 11 4 10 53 41 +12 37
9 West Ham United 25 10 6 9 36 44 -8 36
10 Chelsea 25 10 5 10 42 41 +1 35
11 Wolverhampton Wanderers 25 10 5 10 39 40 -1 35
12 Fulham 25 8 5 12 34 41 -7 29
13 AFC Bournemouth 24 7 7 10 33 46 -13 28
14 Brentford 25 7 4 14 35 44 -9 25
15 Crystal Palace 25 6 7 12 28 44 -16 25
16 Nottingham Forest 25 6 6 13 32 44 -12 24
17 Everton 25 8 6 11 27 33 -6 20
18 Luton Town 25 5 5 15 35 51 -16 20
19 Burnley 25 3 4 18 25 55 -30 13
20 Sheffield United 25 3 4 18 22 65 -43 13

Hi, I am Oliver, I am a Chelsea fan at heart and always grew up on football and rugby. However, I definitely sway more to the football now as it continues to grow on me and I am proud to say I tune in to every Chelsea game. I always loved playing football with friends and would always be the goalkeeper. Especially on the rainy days when you go flying through the mud.

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