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As a parent, you always want to find the best football games for young children so you can ensure they are having a great time and most importantly, to keep them occupied for a brief moment of silence. We are all thinking of the same thing when they say “money can’t buy happiness”, it can definitely buy a few minutes of silence which is great I must say.

With the help of technology, the majority of kids that have access to the internet already know which games they want to have, whether it is a physical game or one on their phone. Either way, we have listed a few of the top-rated games for young children to play to get them away from the technology. Limiting their screen time and them still having fun is a huge win-win situation for everyone.

We understand that finding the perfect football games for young children is very much dependent on their age so we have listed what age range each game is for so as a parent, it makes it easier to pick out the ones relevant for your child.


Power Play Table Football

(Perfect for those aged between 5-10 years)

This small tabletop Power Play Table Football will give your children hours of fun with a classic game of foosball game. It may create a few siblings of friendship rivalries but it is always good for them to challenge themselves to want to get better. It helps teach a life lesson without them realising.

Don’t worry, they won’t ruin the worktops or kitchen counter as it has a sturdy design with legs for extra stability. It is also lightweight and portable so they can take it round to a friends house or you can get them to take it to their room.

It comes with simple instructions so that the assembly is quick and easy and ready for your children to enjoy a competitive game of 9-a-side. They won’t even have to worry about keeping score as it comes with its own goal-scoring slider to keep track. Easily one of the most popular football games for young children aged between 5 and 10 years.

World Football Stars Guess Who?

(Perfect for those aged 3+ but ultimately, it is suitable for all ages)

Every child loves a game of Guess Who? And what better way to enjoy a game more than put football stars in there instead. With 48 of their favourite players in the classic face guessing game including 24 superstars and 24 legends. The players included in this game are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Alexis Sanchez to name a few.

If you are unaware of how to play the game then it is down to asking the right questions to uncover your opponent’s mystery character. All the questions asked, must be answered with either a yes or no to help you pinpoint who the character is.

The best thing about this game is that it can be played with all ages, even adults as it is a quick and easy game to understand which is why it is one of our top picks when deciding some of the top football games for young children. Once the game gets repetitive you can then choose two mystery players to make it more interesting. It is very easy to set up and is great fun with the family.

All the football-loving children will be able to ask the correct questions to help them win the game against friends and family. It is also a perfect way to distract them whilst you make the dinner or put your feet up but we can’t promise it will guarantee moments of silence due to the sheer competitiveness of it but it keeps them out of the kitchen which is a start.

World Football Stars Gold Edition Monopoly Board Game

(Perfect for those aged 6+)

Let’s just start by saying, which child is not a fan of Monopoly because this game is legendary whether it is the football edition of the classic. Monopoly itself provides many variations of the game which makes it even more exciting. Better yet, as a parent, your child can spend hours playing this game so you can really enjoy the peacefulness by putting your feet up with a cuppa whilst catching up on your TV programmes.

Typically, children probably don’t appreciate the classics like us as we grew up without the likes of technology advancements such as phones, tablets and laptops. However, Monopoly brings back some great memories and also some bitter rivalries against my siblings. Although this was one of the only times that we would all sit in a room together and play the game, so much so, it became a Christmas tradition. Each year, we would get a new Monopoly board and settle who is the best at Monopoly. Even though, it is all down to the luck of the dice which is what makes this such an easy and enjoyable game as it is completely down to chance. Giving everyone the same opportunities to win is great for those younger children that don’t normally participate in the fear or disappointment of losing to their siblings.

What makes this an exciting football game for younger children is that on the board, it has all of their favourite footballers and stadiums of their favourite clubs. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of Monopoly, the basics are to choose your favourite token (in this case, their favourite football token). The aim is to get around the board advancing through the different players and if you land on one, you can buy them and collect them as a set. Once the set is complete you can begin building stands and stadiums to increase the rent if another player was to land on your players.

Although this is designed mainly for the children, there is definitely no reason why you can’t live out that nostalgia by also taking part and competing against your children or other family members. Just remember though, try to limit the competitiveness as we know competing against our children sometimes brings out the worst in us.

World Football Stars Top Trumps

(Perfect for those ages 3+)

Top Trumps is such a classic, yet simple game making it perfect for younger children. Especially as it is easily transported so they can take it on car journeys for a bit of peace and quiet whilst you focus on the road or even take it to a friends house.

The idea of the game is to provide a quick entertaining experience for the kids by trying to trump the cards of the other players, usually by providing stats that are greater than the opposing player’s cards. This game creates 500 puzzling questions and is great for improving the knowledge and memory of your young child.

Your child can use this game to outsmart their friends or family and discover new and exciting facts about some of their favourite footballers. This is designed to be educational and exciting as it helps improve their memory and they can also receive bragging rights to being the best “Top Trump Champion” around. Easily one of the best football games for young children as it can be played everywhere.


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