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Defenders are an essential part of the game and a strong defence leads to more wins, I am sure of it and it is a known fact. Just look at what Manchester City and Liverpool have accomplished over the last few years.

It is always interesting to know how much your team are spending on players so we produced this guide for you so you can see the most expensive defenders in football right now. With the way football is now, I have no doubt that the records will continuously get broken. So look out for the next big defensive signing.


Harry Maguire: £85 Million (Leicester City – Manchester United)

Harry Maguire started his career in the youth ranks of Sheffield United and became a big hit which resulted in interest from Hull City. Here he signed for £2.5m, it also saw him make his debut in the Premier League and later on went to captain them in the championship. It was at Hull where his potential was sought after by Leicester City who signed for a fee of £12 million. It was his first season that really put Harry on the map during the 2017-18 season. This was when Leicester did the unthinkable and win the Premier League.

After being voted for the player of the season and player’s player of the season at the club, due to his unbelievable season for the foxes. This sparked interested from Manchester United which made him the most expensive defender in the world as he was signed for a record fee of £85 million.

Maguire has gone on to accomplish many things since then including an England call up which saw him star in the 2018 World Cup for England and he also appointed as Manchester United Captain.

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Virgil Van Dijk: £75 Million (Southampton – Liverpool FC)

Virgil Van Dijk was on the radar for many big clubs from a young age which saw him playing at Celtic in the Scottish League. Although this is not where it began for him, it was here that everyone saw his potential. It put him on the radar of Southampton and rightfully so if you saw the way he dealt with Barcelona in the Champions League. Admittedly, they did lose but it was a great highlight of what he can do.

With his unbelievably calm and successful defending at Southampton, it prompted Liverpool to make a then-record signing for the centre half. He was briefly the most expensive defender in the world until Harry Maguire but what a signing he has been for Liverpool. At a time that Liverpool needed him most due to their poor defensive displays throughout the previous seasons.

It was at Liverpool that we saw his best form, he has accomplished many awards and trophies since his arrival including a Premier League Title, Champions League Title and was also in the Team of the Season.

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Lucas Hernandez: £68 Million (Atletico Madrid – Bayern Munich)

Lucas Hernandez was born in Marseille whilst his father was playing for them in the French Ligue but moved to Spain from a young age which saw him play for his first club, Atletico Madrid. Coming through the ranks at Atletico he was called up by Diego Simeone when he was still a junior but made his first-team debut at the end of 2014. He remained at Atletico Madrid for 4 years and was a vital part of the team throughout those seasons.

He was recognised by Bayern Munich, who announced that they would pay his release clause of £68 million. This led him to win a Champions League title with the club and has seen him transition into a versatile defender, playing in both LB and CB for Bayern Munich.

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Matthijs de Ligt: £67.5 Million (Ajax – Juventus)

What a rising star de Ligt has been, starting at Ajax he went on to accomplish many things as a youth. Including becoming the second-youngest goalscorer for Ajax just behind Clarence Seedorf which is impressive as a defender. He also became the youngest ever player to start in a major European Final where he played against Manchester United. In December of 2018, he won the Golden Boy award becoming the first defender to do so. All at such a young age.

It was his following season that put him on the scene of all the big clubs as he helped Ajax reach the Champions League Semi-Final. He put in some impressive displays throughout the tournament keeping the worlds best at bay which ultimately secured his signature at Juventus.

In his first season for Juventus where he was an instant starter for the club, went on to secure the Seria A title in his first season. Let’s not forget that he was also the youngest player to start for the Netherlands since 1931 at just the age of 17 alongside fellow Dutchman Virgil Van Djik.

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Ruben Dias: £61.5 Million (Benfica – Manchester City)

Ruben Dias started his career at Benfica B side where he had to climb through the ranks until he was promoted to the Benfica senior team. Although his consistent performances carried on through, there was not much hype around him until Manchester City started showing an interest. However, Ruben was named Primeira Liga’s Young Player of the Year and the following seasons, helped secure the league title with Benfica. During that season he made over 100 appearances for the club which is some stat for such a young player at the time.

It was here that Manchester City paid interest and made him one of the most expensive defenders in the world. All we can say is, what a signing he has been for them and he has made all the difference at the back, bringing the best out of John Stones. Who would have thought that they would be the best defensive partnership in the league this year? Not me. He has also secured the best player of the season for his vital performances, which helped secure yet another Premier League title for Manchester City.

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